Welcome to Advertising91



Welcome to Advertising91. :smiley:

This is a forum for Marketing and Business Professionals which focuses on news, opinions and guides on the latest stuff in marketing, branding, advertising and digital.

Advertising91 is a group portal and is a part of 2 other sites - Marketing91 and University91.

Everyone can contribute on this forum provided they are not trying to spam. We encourage users to share campaigns, strategies or other such stuff which will be useful to all members.

We would love it if you can introduce yourself on this forum. You can also ask questions related to any problem you are facing right now!

Are you a student? You can ask Project related or career related questions on this forum.

Are you a professional / businessman? You can ask marketing or business related questions on this forum.

So we hope you keep the questions flowing and also contribute with your opinions and content from time to time.

C you around!